Re: 2016 Bulletin

Some of the selected stories made by the Children Reporters the previous year were compiled into a one solid News Bulletin of 43 minutes Length. As the year approaches its end, we are also coming up with a similar bulletin which will be screen on December 9th at You and I cafe. This Last year’s bulletin will also give you a vague idea of what our project is and what are the kinds of stories are we going to show on that sensational evening, December 9th, 2017 Continue reading Re: 2016 Bulletin

CHIMEs of Change

CHIMEs of Change ‘Don’t zoom out!’, the news shoot was paused. The group was trying to capture the predicament of the people in a certain town still to receive the luxury of electricity. ‘Let’s do it from the start,’ he said. His mind had already processed the effect of the technique on their production. The others with the camera listened to the call straight away. Sounds like an anecdote from the experiences of a bunch of cinematographers? You are definitely mistaken. Rijied Nongdhar is not just another 17-year-old. He is one of the 15 children working with Children in Media … Continue reading CHIMEs of Change

The Editing Workshop

MAY 29 The well anticipated six-day editing workshop was held on May 29th with 16 of the children chosen to attend. Despite the fact that many of them had touched the computer for the first time, the results were remarkable as the resultant practice videos have shown. At least three of them  were almost ready for their first respective assignments. The resource person role to teach the importance and nuances of editing was filled in by Dominic Savio of T7 News fame. Donboklang majaw, CHIME Project facilitator was in charge of the technical training, i.e., softwares, technical details in editing … Continue reading The Editing Workshop

CHIME at GreenHub, Tezpur, Assam

CHIME in collaboration with North East Network (NEN) Meghalaya participated in the renowned film festival of Greenhub where films celebrating the richness of Northeast both natural and Man-made were screened and discussed upon. The Day’s programme on 15th May, was solely dedicated to community videos. CHIME with NEN Meghalaya got half an hour’s slot to screen two of our videos. The Silent world of Mawlai’s Deprived left many people hooked at how intimate children reporting can get especially when it comes to reporting on women issues. With so many questions from the audience, the CHIME session at Greenhub was unofficially … Continue reading CHIME at GreenHub, Tezpur, Assam

Going Professional: CHIME 2017

  The idea of equipping children with communication tools, in this case, cameras and recorders, has been put forward to see whether these children can become agents of change and development in their respective areas of residence; whether they can take part in informed decisions in the community especially in issues that affect them. With this objective in mind, Children in Media Experiments has taken a bold step to ensure that the children in and around Mawlai area not only become community reporters but also to become professional media practitioners in their own way, after the training is completed, i.e., … Continue reading Going Professional: CHIME 2017

Community News Bulletin – CHIME 2016

So far the children reporters had been able to carefully pry into world of “untold stories” in and around Mawlai, where they come up with brief reports on topics like poverty, water polltuion, electricity and traffic jam. The News Bulletin is a 43 minute compilation of selected news where the news that are being reported during last year’s instalment of CHIME are being stitched together in a presentable format. Continue reading Community News Bulletin – CHIME 2016

Dissemination Programme

December 14th: As away of observing the conclusion of this year’s installment, Children in Media Experiments (CHIME) conducted a dissemination programme at Christ Church Morning School Syllaikariah, Mawlai on 14th December starting from 4PM. The purpose of this programme is to highlight the major activities of CHIME while showcasing the overall result to a larger crowd. This year, CHIME has been working towards training children to selfrepresent their communities by reporting on societal and lifestyle issues. Apart from educating the children in communication skills, CHIME also expects the children to bring about change in the communities they represent by reporting … Continue reading Dissemination Programme

About Team CHIME 2016

Team CHIME 2016 comprises of the selected students from Christ Church Morning School, Mawlai, who will be part of this year’s project of Community Children’s Reporters. Chaired by Prof. T K Bamon, the administration team includes all the faculty members from the JMC department, The English and Foreign Languages University, Shillong Campus. The following children from the aforementioned school were chosen for the project – Sl no.     Name Shimtilang Rani Wandasuklin Shylla Abigiel Nongkhlaw Tabanlin Rani Yelbiris Sohshang Rijied S Nongdhar Donkupar Kharpran Wanraplang Nongsiej Wilbert Wahlang Ferdilius Dhar Mebanshan Nongrum Andrew Lyngdoh Pynshailang Syiemlieh Kerlang Nongkhlaw Terensius Khyllait   … Continue reading About Team CHIME 2016